Sokoloff: She’s a scientist
Posted on July 19, 2009

Amid all the sweat-soaked work on the “Meteor” miniseries, there was one sentence Marla Sokoloff got used to.

“The line I say the most is, ‘I’m a scientist,’ ” she said. “It could be a drinking game, I say it so often.”

Her character (Imogene O’Neil) needs to say it, because people ignore her. She’s carrying data that could save the Earth; first, she must survive a car crash, an arrest, killers, profiteers and more.

Much of that was given extra realism by being filmed in the California desert, where a thermometer reported it was 112 degrees. “At least three times a week, crew guys would go down,” she said.

In the midst of that, Imogene O’Neil keeps saying she’s a scientist. Sometimes, people believe her; one even adds “she’s a genius.”

And yes, that’s an improvement over Sokoloff’s early days. In “The Practice,” she was a secretary, surrounded by lawyers who paid no attention. “Everyone would say, ‘Shut up, Lucy.’ ”

Sokoloff scoffs at the notion, but maybe she could have been a scientist. Her dad is a doctor and her mom is a caterer. She’s Russian on one side, German on the other; maybe there was a rocket scientist, waiting to emerge.

Instead, she was the only one in the family who was obsessed with performing. She did situation comedies at 12, went to the Los Angeles County High School of the Performing Arts and was still a teen when she joined “The Practice.”

At 28, she’s a busy actress (and part-time rock singer) who had some holes in her resume. “I had never had to do stunts; I’d never used a green screen to stare at a meteor that wasn’t there.”

Now all of that is rectified. She shoots one bad guy; beats another. Then she goes back to reminding everyone she’s a scientist.

All of that seems to conflict with her usual role, which is as a bride. She’s played one in the ABC comedy “Big Day,” in the upcoming Hallmark movie “Flower Girl” and in an episode of Lifetime’s “Drop Dead Diva.”

She’ll also be a bride in November, when she marries Alec Puro. He’s a busy composer for TV and movies; neither of them is actually a scientist.

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